Entrepreneurial Journalism

Week 3:

I might do a website or app about the Chinese social media. The Chinese version of Facebook, Weibo. There are many tweets asking for a donation on Weibo, which some of them are not read but just scams. Celebrities unaware of that and therefore retweet to call on other people’s help. As predicted, a huge number of followers trapped. For example, a famous Chinese actress Yao Chen retweeted a tweet from a Shanghainese sailor asking for help at sea. While this identified as a fabricated tweet afterward. Yao scolded by millions of audiences because of this.

My idea is about Figuring out a way to identify the truth of those tweets. I will design an asking-for-help website. The difference is all the posts up there will be checked authenticity.

So, no need to worry about the truth of tweets and audiences can help the people who badly need it.


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